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Through-wall Detection Radar

With the growing international terrorism and domestic conflict, increasing ethnic and religious contradictions, conflicts and anti-terrorist forces to implement the task at face increasing pressure, which has made ​​our country more anti-terrorism requirements. The new situation to deal with new problems and improve the comprehensive combat capability of our army has become a consensus. Use of new technology, the use of new equipment to complete the task on duty at the conflicts and terrorism are an important means of army building. On duty at the conflict, counter-terrorism and rescue tasks, often encountered alone or hostage-taking terrorists hiding in the building, and if our officers outside the building can accurately identify the location of the terrorists inside the building, Real-time physical activities, but also tell the terrorists and the hostages while the location, it can improve the accuracy of our military assault and rescue efficiency. Therefore, it requires new technology and equipment to guarantee better job done.

"Super TV 2008 " through the wall represents the world's anti-terror radar, the most recent detection of high-tech anti-terrorism products. Penetrate wooden walls, clay, brick, walls, and a certain thickness of the reinforced concrete wall, and so non-metallic buildings, inside buildings to detect whether the specific location of the life or person, it can be through the ceiling or floor Detection of above or below the staff room. 1.2 The purpose and characteristics of wall detection radar can be used: Law Enforcement: partition detection, surveillance room personnel, police broke into the house before the detection of offenders and whether the specific location, to avoid blindly broke into the house, for public security, armed police And other law enforcement officers provide security, armed police SWAT greatly improved the ability to successfully resolve hostage. Urban warfare: the enemy bunkers perspective to detect the number and location of its officers, commanders and soldiers to provide real-time environmental information, know ourselves and win every battle. Fire rescue: fire smoke can penetrate to detect whether there is trapped in the house, its location, improve rescue efficiency. Earthquake Relief: can be used to search for earthquakes, mine disasters such as landslides and avalanches buried under Survivor, detect whether or trapped under the rubble, with or without signs of life, etc., to avoid blind digging.
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