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WT312-2 + helmet-mounted night vision

WT312-2 +-type head-mounted night vision is the use of three generations of low-light image intensifier, binocular observation and to achieve high sensitivity, high resolution night observation equipment. The product can be widely used in public security, border patrol, medical care, driving, walking, reading and observation and surveillance.
The product has light wear with a can be easily and reliably worn on the head, in order to free his hands, when coupled with "infrared laser sight" can also be used to man small arms fire training.
Performance indicators:

Magnification 1 × 4 ×
Field 40 ° 18 °
Focus range 25mm-∞ 5m-∞
Diopter adjustment range -5 to +5 diopter
15mm exit pupil distance
Power CR21 Festival
Rated voltage 3V
Working time
Auxiliary infrared light source is not open about 25h
Open auxiliary infrared light of about 20h
The role of infrared light from 15m-30m

Ambient temperature:
Storage temperature: -50 - +60 ℃
Operating temperature: -40 - +40 ℃
Volume, mass (with 1 × lens)
Viewers 160 × 160 × 65mm ³
Mask 180 × 160 × 70mm ³
Viewers 500g
Mask 200g
Viewing distance

Target discovery target recognition
One 300m-400m 200m-300m
Vehicle 600m-800m 500m-600m

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