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Universal microlight gun aiming mirror

Product application:
The universal microlight gun sight is a lightweight, high-performance night sight, with a special interface that can be used with a sniper rifle.
Performance indicators:

A) range: 300 ~ 500m.
B) optical performance:
1) magnification: 3.3 times.
2) view: > 12 ゜
3) eye distance: no less than 25mm.
4) objective mirror: 50mm.
5) focus range: 10m ~ infinity.
6) visibility: -4d ~ +2D.
7) scope of adjustment of the microscope: not less than or minus 15.
The direction is not less than or minus 15.
8) division: light separation adjustment.
9) continuous working time: >60h.
C) weight: machine weight (including battery) < 700g.
D) size: 195mm * 80mm * 90mm.
E) operating voltage: 3V (dc)
F) power supply: two CR2 type batteries.

Product features:

Use the super 2 generation image enhancer and 3 times magnification to ensure the target is clear;
The accuracy of internal division correction is good repeatability and stability.
Adopt the blind eye mask to ensure the product has good concealment;
The product interface is easy to install and the structure is compact and firm.
The weight of the product is easy to shoot and aim;
Optional special school gun, the school gun is convenient, ensure the target.

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