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BBG002 Micro-optic Night-vision Device

Maximum viewing distance: 1000M
Field:> 7.5 °
Magnification: 5 times / 3 times the focus
Range: 20M ~ ∞
As the degree of adjustment range: -5 ~ +3 D
Exit pupil distance: 22mm
Battery voltage: a lithium battery
Weight: ≤ 1.3KG
Product Description:
BBG002 is the night-vision device with the highest cost performance among the products of the same type, has rather strong competitive advantage among domestic and foreign products, and is usually selected as bid products in domestic public security or railway bidding purchase.
BBG002 second-generation micro-optic night-vision device adopts second-generation image intensifier and has long observation distance, flexibility, light weight and use convenience.
The device can be optionally equipped with CCD camera connected with a computer so as to realize video recording in low-level light.
The device is widely used for the police to patrol, investigate and obtain evidence of serious criminal cases at night.
It can be equipped with digital cameras and digital video cameras and can be connected with laptops.
Remote transmission system:
Note: according to the power level of microwave wireless image transmitters, remote transmission distance can be 100m, 500m, 1Km, 5Km or 20Km.


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